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Use the Object Request Broker with stand-alone WebSphere eXtreme Scale processes

Use WebSphere eXtreme Scale with applications that use the Object Request Broker (ORB) directly in environments that do not contain WebSphere Application Server or WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment.

Before you begin

If you use the ORB within the same process as eXtreme Scale when you are running applications, or other components and frameworks, that are not included with eXtreme Scale, you might need to complete additional tasks to ensure that eXtreme Scale runs correctly in your environment.

Add the ObjectGridInitializer property to the file to initialize the use of the ORB in the environment. Use the ORB to enable communication between eXtreme Scale processes and other processes that are in the environment. The file is in the java/jre/lib directory. See ORB properties file for descriptions of the properties and settings.


Type the following line, and save the changes:


eXtreme Scale correctly initializes the ORB and coexists with other applications for which the ORB is enabled.

To use a custom version of the ORB with eXtreme Scale, see Configure a custom Object Request Broker.

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Configure Object Request Brokers

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