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Transport layer security and secure sockets layer

WebSphere eXtreme Scale supports both TCP/IP and Transport Layer Security/Secure Sockets Layer (TLS/SSL) for secure communication between clients and servers.

Enable transport security for Sun JDK

WebSphere eXtreme Scale requires IBM Java™ Secure Sockets Extension (IBMJSSE) or the IBM Java Secure Sockets Extension 2 (IBMJSSE2). The IBMJSSE and IBMJSSE2 providers contain a reference implementation supporting SSL and Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols and an application programming interface (API) framework.

The pure Sun JDK doesn't ship the IBM JSSE and IBM JSSE2 providers, therefore transport security cannot be enabled with a Sun JDK. In order to make this work, a Sun JDK shipped with WAS is required. The WAS shipped Sun JDK contains the IBM JSSE and IBM JSSE2 providers.

Read about configuring an Object Request Broker to be able to use a non-IBM JDK for WebSphere eXtreme Scale. If -Djava.endorsed.dirs is configured, it points to both the objectgridRoot/lib/endorsed and the JRE/lib/endorsed directories. The directory objectgridRoot/lib/endorsed is required so the IBM ORB is used, and the directory JRE/lib/endorsed is required to load the IBM JSSE and IBM JSSE2 providers.

Use the security tutorial to configure the required SSL properties, to create keystores and truststores, and to start secure servers in WebSphere eXtreme Scale.

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