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Tutorial Description
Add new properties to a WCS service using the data service layer Customize the Catalog service to support warranty information and care instructions for Catalog Entries. This customization includes updating the WCS schema to store the new information, and customizing the Catalog service to include the new information as user data in the CatalogEntry noun.

  • Understand the WCS Data Service Layer
  • Overview of simple extension and customization tasks.

Add new fields in the Catalogs tool Continue the Warranty scenario introduced in the tutorial "Add new properties to a WCS service using the data service layer", where you extended the Catalog schema with warranty and care instruction information. In this tutorial, you extend the Management Center Catalogs tool to manage the warranty and care instruction information, as well as adding logic to show the information about store product pages.

  • Extend WCS query templates to include new data.
  • Update an object definition to include new userdata or attribute property.
  • Update a Properties view to include new widget for new property.
  • Update a list view to include new widget for new property.
  • Create a new JSP file that displays information using the get data tag.
  • Update the product display JSP file to link to the new JSP page.

Extend simple search in the Catalogs tool Extend simple search in the Catalogs tool in the IBM Management Center for WCS. Simple search is a function performed in the search widget of the Management Center, which provides the capability to search on a single property – such as the price or size of a product. The current Catalogs tool provides several simple searches such as search catalog entries by name, and search category by name. In this tutorial, we will provide search on catalog entries by warranty term, warranty type and care instruction.

  • Configure parametric search to include custom tables
  • Update the search widget in the Catalogs tool to include new search definition
  • Create a new controller JSP file to retrieve and mediate the Management Center object
  • Create a new ExpressionBuilder in get-data-config.xml to invoke the new query and pass query parameters.

Add new search conditions in the advanced search of the Catalogs tool Add new search conditions to the Advanced Search dialog in the Catalogs tool.
  • Extend the Advanced Search dialog to include extended properties as search
  • Extend the controller JSP file to transfer extended search parameters
  • Configure parametric search to search on custom data
  • Create a new expression builder to override a default expression builder
  • Add the extended properties as a column to a list view

Add a validation rule in the Marketing tool Add a new validation rule for the start and end dates of Web Activities in the Marketing tool. A validation rule is used to ensure that the activity is active for at least 10 days. If the user enters a start date and an end date that are not at least 10 days apart, a validation error is displayed. The new rule is implemented on both the Management Center client and the WCS Server side. This ensures that the dates are validated, regardless of how they are created in the activity (by way of the Management Center or any client that interfaces with the server).

  • Understand how to add a validation rule.

Add a new locale for Management Center WCS is available in thirteen languages. If required, you can add additional languages to WCS stores and WCS tools. This tutorial demonstrates how to add United Kingdom English (en_GB) to Management Center.

  • Add a new locale to Management Center.

Create a new promotion type Customize the Management Center Promotions tool to add support for a new promotion type.

  • Identify the user input necessary to create a new promotion type and define an OpenLaszlo object to represent the information
  • Define a resource bundle for custom text strings
  • Define a promotion template
  • Use existing OpenLaszlo user interface widgets to build a properties view
  • Create and register an XSL template to create the runtime promotion XML

Create a new tool in the Management Center - the Recipes tool scenario

The Recipes tool scenario is a series of tutorials covering a specific customization scenario. This scenario simulates the scope of a complete customization project. Over the course of the scenario, you add a new tool to the Management Center, add display logic for Recipes to the storefront, and create a WCS service module to handle Recipe business logic and persistence.

Database support for the Recipes tool scenario is limited to the Apache Derby and DB2 database engines. If you intend to use workspaces or complete Extending the Recipes tool to support workspaces; then complete the Recipes tool scenario using a DB2 database. You cannot use a Apache Derby database with workspaces. If you do not plan to use workspaces, then you can complete the Recipes tool scenario using either DB2 or Apache Derby. The Recipes tool scenario is not supported on an Oracle database, and no Oracle-specific SQL statements are provided in these tutorials.

Tutorial Description
Create the Project BOD service module In this tutorial, we will develop a new service module - Project. The services provided by the module will be Get, Change and Process. As part of creating the service module, we will design the logical model (noun) and physical model (database schema) based on the business requirement.
Add a Recipes tool to the Management Center Add a tool, the Recipes tool, to the Management Center. You will learn to use the Management Center programming framework to create a presentation layer using OpenLaszlo and JSPs files.
Supporting extended sites in the Recipes tool This is the third tutorial in the Recipes tool scenario. The objective of this tutorial is to support extended site features for the Recipes tool that you created in "Add a Recipes tool to the Management Center".
Modifying the storefront to display Recipe information Modify the storefront to display a new Recipes section.
Extending the Recipes tool to support workspaces Add workspace support to the Recipes tool. This is the final tutorial in the series of Recipes tool tutorials.

To complete the task, enable workspace support for the Project service module. This will prevent the same object from being edited by users in different task groups within the same workspace. Workspaces in the Management Center use BOD service modules. BOD service modules support workspaces by allowing you to customize what aspects of the physical and logical layers of a BOD service module are under change control. This change control data is passed back to the presentation layer where you can show it in the Management Center workspaces.

Tracking and displaying the most viewed recipes Extend the recipe tutorials to add a new function for displaying the most viewed recipes. This function is implemented using the ranking list framework for marketing actions. The Madisons starter store uses the Management Center Marketing tool to set up the corresponding web activities to display the top viewed recipes in e-Marketing Spots in the storefront.


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