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WebSphere Commerce environments

  1. Production server
  2. Live environment open for business and accessible to customers.

  3. Staging server
  4. Instance used for testing purposes before new functions or data are deployed to the production server.

    Configured with a staging server.

    You cannot convert a production server environment to a staging server environment.

  5. Authoring server (Workspaces)
  6. Instance that consists of a staging server with workspaces enabled.

    Workspaces provide isolated access-controlled work areas in which you can make and preview changes to managed assets without affecting managed assets and users outside the area. The data in a workspace is kept in a separate database schema until the data is committed to the production-ready data on the authoring server.

    The authoring server environment requires you to configure the instance as a staging server and enable workspaces when you create the instance.

    You cannot convert a production instance to a authoring server instance.

  7. Development
  8. Used to...

    • Customize WebSphere Commerce
    • Unit test changes

    The development environment must be installed on a separate system from the WebSphere Commerce server.

    Provided with the WebSphere Commerce Developer product only.

Support for heterogeneous environments

WebSphere Commerce typically is installed in a homogeneous environment - that is, all tiers... the same operating system. However, WebSphere Commerce v7.0 supports heterogeneous environments, as long as the software vendor claims support for the operating system:

The database server can be on a different operating system than the WebSphere Commerce server, but the database server is limited to using AIX or Solaris in this configuration.


The Web server tier can be on a different operating system than the application tier (WebSphere Commerce server). This support is identical to the heterogeneous environment support provided by WebSphere Application Server.


Supported heterogeneous configurations

Web server tier Application server tier Database tier
Any AIX AIX or Solaris
Any xLinux AIX or Solaris or xLinux
Any Solaris AIX or Solaris
Any pLinux AIX or Solaris or pLinux
Any Windows AIX or Solaris or Windows
Any zLinux zLinux
Any iLinux iLinux


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