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Tutorial: Using Struts tags, action forms, and validation

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This tutorial is designed to show you how to use Struts tags, action forms, and validation in the context of WebSphere Commerce store development.

In this tutorial, we will replace the default Contact Us page of the consumer direct sample store shown in the following figure.

Time required

Expect this tutorial to take about 2 hours to complete.


This tutorial is intended for WebSphere Commerce Store developers.


Saving the sample code

Before beginning this tutorial, download the WC7StrutsSample.zip package that contains the starting point for this programming tutorial. Save this file onto the development machine. As an example, you might save the file into the WCDE_INSTALL/ directory.

Configure WebSphere Commerce Developer for Web service development

You must enable Struts Development in WebSphere Commerce Developer, if it is currently disabled:

  1. Select Window > Preferences.

  2. Select General > Capabilities.

  3. Click Advanced... and select Web Developer (advanced) > Struts Development, if it is currently disabled.

  4. Click OK to accept the changes and close the Advanced Capabilities Settings window.

  5. Click OK to accept the changes and close the Preferences window.

Prepare the workspace

Before beginning this tutorial, prepare the workspace.

Knowledge prerequisites

Before beginning this tutorial ensure that you have:

Lessons in this tutorial

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