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Customized WebSphere Commerce Enterprise Application (EAR) assets

The WebSphere Commerce J2EE assets are provided in a Enterprise Application (EAR) file. If you customize or change the WebSphere Commerce EAR assets, package and deploy the changed assets. You deploy the EAR assets to WebSphere Application Server, using either a graphical wizard, or scripting tools. Regardless of whether you use the graphical or scripting tools, always back up the J2EE assets before you deploy.

  1. Package custom J2EE assets
    The packaging format for J2EE applications is clearly defined in the J2EE specification. J2EE applications are delivered as J2EE EAR files, which are JAR files that have special deployment descriptors to tell the application server information about the application.

  2. Deploy custom J2EE assets
    You deploy the J2EE assets to WebSphere Application Server.

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