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Shop currency

The shopping currency is the currency in which customers pay for products at a specific store. All monetary amounts on the store pages are displayed in this currency.

To change the preferred currency for a customer, use the SetCurrencyPreference command.

To allow customers to select their preferred shopping currency, you can include a list of currencies that you support for payment on store or store group pages. The following criteria determine the shopping currency:

Currencies that you specify in the SETCCURR column of the STORELANG table are also supported, but it is recommended that you do not use that column to specify a default currency for any new stores. This behavior will be deprecated in future releases. The value of the SETCCURR column of the STORELANG table should be set to null.

The shopping cart page displays products for different stores, which may have different shopping currencies. Therefore, the shopping cart page can display different currencies for different products. However, all prices and totals on a single order must use the same currency.

You can record prices in more than one currency in the database. However, these prices must be displayed on product pages in the shopping currency. If a price for a particular product exists in the database in the shopping currency, that price is displayed. If none of the prices are recorded in the shopping currency, then all prices in the database for that product are converted and compared, and the lowest price is displayed.

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