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Configure cache monitor in a clustered environment

This section is related to configuring cache monitor in a clustered environment.

In a clustered environment, configure each application server to have its own cache monitor. If the cache monitor is tied to the Web server, then we will not know which clone's cache you are monitoring.

To access the cache monitor through the application server directly, create a new Virtual Host. This Virtual host will have a host alias for each node running a cluster. Each alias should have as its hostname/port values the name of the node running a cluster member, and the port that the cluster member is running on.

To identify the port being used by a given cluster member, expand Servers in the left pane and click Application Servers. Click the server corresponding to that member, and then click Web Container. Click HTTP transports and note the port assigned to that container.

The cache monitor is installed to map to the application server cluster, and the new Virtual Host created above.

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