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Tune parameter: cleanup frequency

Use this property to change the amount of time between disk cache cleanups.

If you have thousands of cache entries that might expire within one or two hours, the files that are in the disk cache can grow large and become unmanageable. Use the com.ibm.ws.cache.CacheConfig.CleanupFrequency custom property to change the time interval between disk cache cleanups.


Set the value for htodCleanupFrequency to 30.

  1. Start the WebSphere Application Server administration server.

  2. Launch the WebSphere administrative console.

  3. Click Servers > Application servers > server1 > Java and process management > Process definition > Java virtual machine > Custom properties > New.

  4. Enter com.ibm.ws.cache.CacheConfig.CleanupFrequency for Name, and 30 for Value.

  5. Click OK, and save the changes

This setting takes effect when the server is restarted.

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