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Tutorial: Configuring edge side caching using ESI

This tutorial teaches you how to configure Edge Side caching using Edge Side Include (ESI). After this tutorial, we will be able to cache full-pages and page fragments at the edge of the network.

Learning objectives

Cache on the edge is a simple and effective way to improve the performance of the system.

Edge Side Include (ESI) is a simple markup language you can use to define Web page components for dynamic assembly and delivery of Web applications at the edge of the Internet.

The WebSphere Application Server's dynacache has built-in functionality so that setting the EdgeCacheable property of a cache entry to true will allow it to be cached on the edge. This property takes care of the ESI for you, making edge caching easy with virtually no setup overhead.

Time required

Expect this tutorial to take about 20 minutes to complete.


This tutorial is intended for WebSphere Commerce Administrators who will be responsible for configuring Edge Side caching using Edge Side Include (ESI).


Publish the consumer direct sample store.

You will also need a cachespec.xml that caches the TopCategoriesDisplay page and the eMarketingSpot fragment of the ConsumerDirect store .

Expected results

In this tutorial, you learned how to cache pages on the edge of the network using ESI caching. You learned techniques for both full page and fragment caching.

Lessons in this tutorial

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