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Tutorial: Building cache identifiers

When the dynamic cache service places an object in the cache, it labels it with a unique identifying string known as a cache ID. The cache Id constructed according to <cache-id> rules specified in the <cache-entry> elements. The <cache-id> rules define how to construct cache-ids from information associated with an application server request.

Learning objectives

The <cache-id> is formed from a list of <components>. There are several different types of components that are available to build these cache-ids. This tutorial will outline several of them.

Time required

Expect this tutorial to take about 30 minutes to complete.


This tutorial is intended for WebSphere Commerce Administrators who will be responsible for building cache identifiers.


Publish the consumer direct sample store.

Create a cachespec.xml file that caches the TopCategoriesDisplay page and the eMarketingSpot fragment of the consumer direct sample store.

Expected results

In this tutorial, you learned about the different methods for building cache-entries:

Lessons in this tutorial

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