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Tutorial: Invalidating cache


This tutorial introduces different methods to perform cache invalidation. Upon completing this tutorial, we will list several different methods for invalidating the cache entries, and understand how to implement each of them. Having data correctly added to the cache is only the beginning of the story. Of equal, or greater, importance is how to invalidate and remove cached data from the cache. Dynacache provides different methods for performing cache invalidation. This tutorial covers several of them.

To complete this tutorial, you need WebSphere Application Server v6.0 and WebSphere Commerce v6.0 with the ConsumerDirect store published. You will also need the Tutorial: Setting up the dynamic cache environment completed.

Lessons in this tutorial

  1. Invalidate using Timeout
  2. Invalidate cache using command invalidation
  3. Invalidate cache using dynacache API and the CACHEIVL table
  4. Invalidate cache using dependency trees

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