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Start Configuration Manager on AIX, Linux, and Solaris


The Configuration Manager provides a graphical interface for configuring a WCS instance.

Start Configuration Manager

  1. Start server1

  2. Log in as user root

  3. Set up X Windows environment...

    xhost + host
    su - wasuser_ID
    export DISPLAY=host:0.0
    cd WC_INSTALL/bin

    There are several ways to enable X-Windows.

  4. Start configuration manager...


To run securely, run...

./ -protocol SSL

Leave terminal window running while working in Configuration Manager.

Potential security risks...

Start Configuration Manager

  1. Open another terminal window.

  2. Issue the following command:

    xhost + host

  3. Issue the following command:

    su - wasuser_ID

  4. Issue the following commands:

    export DISPLAY=host_name:0.0
    cd WC_INSTALL/bin
    ./ -protocol SSL&

    For a secure connection, use -protocol SSL&

  5. In the Configuration Authentication window, enter the Configuration Manager user ID and password and click OK.


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