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WebSphere Commerce configuration file

Some parameters must be changed through the WebSphere Commerce configuration file, rather than through Configuration Manager.

There are two configuration files for each instance:

If you manually change the configuration file, change the master configuration file, otherwise changes will be lost later if you later use the Configuration Manager, or other utilities.

After manually changing the master configuration file, run UpdateEAR to update the runtime configuration with the master configuration file. This process ensures that all nodes running the instance place an updated copy of the configuration file in...


Ensure server1 is started successfully before modifying instance-specific properties in Configuration Manager.

The wc-server.xml file is also updated if you run the command setdbtype to configure the database type used with WebSphere Commerce. The file is updated with the newest database information. If you are copying and moving files, you may need to rerun setdbtype to update the database information.

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