8.3 AIX Partition Load Manager



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The Partition Load Manager (PLM) for AIX 5L is a method of dynamically distributing load between logical partitions. PLM is part of the Advanced POWER Virtualization feature. It is supported on both dedicated and shared-processor partitions running AIX 5L V5.2 (ML4) or AIX 5L V5.3.0 or later on IBM System p5 servers.

The Partition Load Manager is designed to automate the administration of memory and CPU resources across logical partitions.

To improve system resource usage, PLM automates the migration of resources between partitions based on partition load and priorities. That is, partitions with a high demand will receive resources donated by or taken from partitions with a lower demand. A user-defined policy governs how resources are moved. PLM will not contradict the partition definitions in the HMC. PLM allows administrators to monitor resource usage across all managed partitions.

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