2.1 Scalability considerations



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To reduce cost and increase efficieny, On demand computing requires the ability to scale an application up or down, depending on current requirements. This section discusses scalability strategies using WAS to help ensure high availability, load balancing, and the removal of bottlenecks.

The basic infrastructure components that comprise a WebSphere application are:

WAS implements Web containers and EJB containers in each application server. Each application server runs in its own JVM.

If all components are co-located on a single LPAR, they might compete for LPAR resources, influence each other's behavior, or have unauthorized access to strategic resources.

Scaling strategies include, in general order of effectiveness...

  1. Clustering application servers
  2. Using a faster machine
  3. Creating a cluster of LPARs
  4. Using appliance servers
  5. Segmenting the workload
  6. Batch requests
  7. Aggregating
  8. Managing connections
  9. Cachings


See also:

  1. WAS V6 Performance and Scalability Handbook", SG24-6392.

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