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Develop web services

Web services are self-contained, modular applications that can be described, published, located, and invoked over a network. They implement a services oriented architecture (SOA), which supports the connecting or sharing of resources and data in a very flexible and standardized manner. Services are described and organized to support their dynamic, automated discovery and reuse.

For information about developing web service applications using WebSphere Developer Tools, see Developing web service applications.


  • Developing web services - Addressing (WS-Addressing)
  • Developing web services - Invocation framework (WSIF)
  • Developing web services - Reliable messaging (WS-ReliableMessaging)
  • Developing web services - UDDI registry
  • Developing web services - RESTful services
  • Developing web services - Security (WS-Security)
  • Developing web services - Transaction support (WS-Transaction)
  • Developing web services - Transports
  • End-to-end paths for web services
  • Migrate web services
  • Administer web services
  • Script for web services
  • Secure web services
  • Web services
  • Monitoring web services
  • Tune web services
  • Troubleshoot web services