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Removing a UDDI registry node

We can remove the UDDI registry application, delete the UDDI registry database, move a UDDI registry to another server or profile, or remove a UDDI registry node completely.

A UDDI registry node consists of the following elements:

All the data that relates to UDDI is stored in the UDDI database and therefore that data is separate from the UDDI application. Therefore, there are several options when you remove a UDDI registry node:

To start a new UDDI registry node, we do not need to remove the UDDI application. Instead, we create a new replacement node by changing the data source that the UDDI application uses to access the new UDDI database.

Depending on what we want to do, complete one of the following steps.


What to do next

If you removed a UDDI registry node from the application server without deleting the database, we might want to reinstall the UDDI registry application.

  • Reinstalling the UDDI registry application
  • Deploy the UDDI registry application
  • Uninstall enterprise applications using the console
  • Set up a customized UDDI node