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Manage the UDDI registry

Use the WebSphere Application Server administrative console or the JMX management interface to manage all the policies and properties of the UDDI registry.

Use JMX to monitor and configure UDDI registries programmatically, and use the UDDI registry administrative interface.

To manage UDDI nodes programmatically, we can use the following interfaces and tools:

To manage UDDI registries using the WAS administrative console, start from the UDDI link in the navigation pane of the administrative console. If administrative security is enabled, we must log in to the administrative console and supply a valid user ID and password, to use the UDDI management functions. We can complete the following operations:



  • Use administrative programs (JMX)
  • Initializing the UDDI registry node
  • UDDI node settings
  • UDDI Publisher collection
  • Tier collection
  • Value set collection