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Troubleshoot WSIF

Use this overview task to help resolve a problem related to the Web Services Invocation Framework (WSIF).

IBM recommends configuring the server to use the High Performance Extensible Logging (HPEL) log and trace infrastructure . We view HPEL log and trace information using the logViewer .

For information about resolving WebSphere Application Server-level problems, see Diagnose problems (using diagnosis tools).

To identify and resolve WSIF-related problems, we can use the standard WAS trace and logging facilities. If we encounter a problem that you think might be related to WSIF, we can check for error messages in the WAS administrative console, and in the application server stdout.log file. We can also enable the application server debug trace to provide a detailed exception dump.

The documentation also includes details of common WSIF-related problems, specific WSIF troubleshooting tips and known WSIF restrictions.


  1. Trace and log WSIF.

    WSIF offers trace points at the opening and closing of ports, the invocation of services, and the responses from services. WSIF also includes a SimpleLog utility that can run trace when we are using WSIF outside of WAS. See Tracing and logging WSIF.

  2. Check for error messages about WSIF.

    A list of the WSIF runtime system messages, with details of what each message means, is provided in WSIF (Web Services Invocation Framework) messages.

    Check in the application server SystemOut log at was_home\logs\server\SystemOut.

    (ZOS) Check in the SYSPRINT or SYSOUT log.

  3. Check the list of major WSIF activities, with advice on common problems associated with each activity

    See Web Services Invocation Framework troubleshooting tips.

  4. Check the set of specific tips to help you troubleshoot problems you experience with WSIF.

    For more information, see Web Services Invocation Framework troubleshooting tips.

  5. Check the list of the main known restrictions that apply when using WSIF.

    See WSIF - Known restrictions.


  • Use High Performance Extensible Logging to troubleshoot applications