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Use WS-Transaction policy to coordinate transactions or business activities for web services

Use WS-Transaction policy to configure how a JAX-WS service or client handles Web Services Atomic Transaction (WS-AT) or Web Services Business Activity (WS-BA) context.

The Web Services Atomic Transaction (WS-AT) support in the application server provides transactional quality of service to the web services environment. Distributed web services applications, and the resources they use, can take part in distributed global transactions. With Web Services Business Activity (WS-BA) support in the application server, web services on different systems can coordinate activities that are more loosely coupled than atomic transactions. Such activities can be difficult or impossible to roll back atomically, and therefore require a compensation process if an error occurs.



  • WS-Transaction
  • Configure the WS-Transaction policy
  • Configure transaction properties for an application server
  • Configure the WS-Transaction specification level by
  • Create an application that uses the Web Services Business Activity support
  • WS-Transaction policy settings
  • Transaction service settings