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Manage policy sets using the administrative console

Use policy sets, or assertions that define services, to simplify the web services configuration because policy sets group security and other web services settings into reusable units. Use the administrative console to create, modify, and delete custom policy sets.

Before creating policy sets, first identify the security and other requirements of the web service.

We can only use policy sets with JAX-WS applications that run on the Axis2 web service engine. We cannot use policy sets for JAX-RPC applications.

Use the administrative console to view and manage policy sets. From the administrative console, click...

The Application policy sets collection displays a listing of the custom (if we have created custom policy sets) and default policy sets. Use the Application or System policy sets collection page to create, copy, delete, export, and import policy sets.

The following policy sets are ready for you to use as is.

Depending on your assigned security role when security is enabled, we might not have access to text entry fields or buttons to create or edit configuration data. Review the administrative roles documentation to learn more about the valid roles for the application server.


Use these tasks, we can determine how to create a new policy set and verify whether we can reuse an existing policy set. We can configure a policy set, and define policies for that policy set.

What to do next

Depending on how we are using policy sets, we might want to revisit some of the tasks listed in this topic to tweak the configuration for our policy set. We can also proceed to configure bindings for your policy set. See Defining binding information for policy sets.


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