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Use WS-Policy to exchange policies in a standard format

WS-Policy is an interoperability standard used to describe and communicate the policies of a web service so that service providers can export policy requirements in a standard format. Clients can combine the service provider requirements with their own capabilities to establish the policies required for a specific interaction. WebSphere Application Server conforms to the WS-Policy specification, so that policy information can be exchanged and received in accordance with the WS-Policy standard.

For more information about using WS-Policy, see the following topics.




  • WS-Policy
  • Configure a service provider to share its policy configuration
  • Configure the client policy to use a service provider policy by
  • Manage policy sets
  • Configure application and system policy sets for web services
  • WS-Policy commands for the AdminTask object
  • Service provider policy sets and bindings collection
  • Service provider settings
  • Policy sharing settings
  • Service client policy set and bindings collection
  • Service client settings
  • Policies applied settings