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Monitor the performance of web services applications

We can monitor the performance of a web service implemented in the WebSphere Application Server using Performance Monitoring Infrastructure (PMI) tooling.

Use the Performance Monitoring Infrastructure (PMI) to measure the time required to process web services requests. To monitor the performance of a web services application, follow the steps in this task:


  1. Enable PMI services in an application server through the administrative console. For detailed information, see the topic on enabling PMI using the administrative console. Complete the required steps and the optional step to enable statistics by clicking Custom and choosing a component to enable for statistics.
  2. Monitor performance with Tivoli Performance Viewer. For detailed information, see the topic on monitoring performance with Tivoli Performance Viewer. In the performance view, expand the host and server. Select Web Services. Run the web services client application.

PMI provides detailed statistics that can help you gain clear insight into the runtime behavior and performance of web services. Performance counters enable you to see key performance data for each individual web service including:

To read about other web services PMI counters, see the PMI data organization information.

What to do next

If we are having problems with the web services applications, read about problems and solutions in the troubleshooting web services information.


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