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Java2WSDL command for JAX-RPC applications

The Java2WSDL command-line tool maps Java classes to a WSDL file for JAX-RPC applications.

(ZOS) The Java2WSDL command-line tool is not supported on the z/OS platform. This functionality is provided by the assembly tools provided with the z/OS version of the product.

The Java2WSDL command maps a Java class to a WSDL file by following the Java API for XML-based Remote Procedure Call (JAX-RPC) 1.1 specification.

The Java2WSDL command accepts a Java class as input and produces a WSDL file that represents the input class. If a file exists at the output location, it is overwritten. The WSDL file generated by the Java2WSDL command contains WSDL and XML schema constructs that are automatically derived from the input class. We can override these default values with command-line arguments.

The Java2WSDL command is protocol independent; when running the Java2WSDL command, we can specify command-line options that generate both SOAP and non-SOAP protocol bindings in the WSDL file. For each binding that can be generated, the Java2WSDL command has a binding generator to generate the WSDL for that binding.

Command line syntax and arguments

The command line syntax is:

Java2WSDL [argument...] class

The following command-line arguments are supported:

Required arguments

Important arguments

Other arguments


  • Development and assembly tools
  • Implement web services applications with JAX-RPC
  • Implement web services applications from existing WSDL files with JAX-RPC
  • Mapping between Java language, WSDL and XML for JAX-RPC applications
  • WSDL2Java command for JAX-RPC applications
  • Web services specifications and APIs