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Develop web services - UDDI registry

The Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI) specification defines a way to publish and discover information about web services. The UDDI specification defines a standard for the visibility, reusability, and manageability that are essential for a service-oriented architecture (SOA) registry service. The UDDI registry is a directory for web services that is implemented using the UDDI specification. It is a component of WAS.

Web services are self-contained, modular applications that can be described, published, located, and invoked over a network. They implement a services oriented architecture (SOA), which supports the connecting or sharing of resources and data in a very flexible and standardized manner. Services are described and organized to support their dynamic, automated discovery and reuse.

Develop web services
Develop web services - Addressing (WS-Addressing)
Develop web services - Invocation framework (WSIF)
Develop web services - Notification (WS-Notification)
Develop web services - Reliable messaging (WS-ReliableMessaging)
Develop web services - RESTful services
Develop web services - Security (WS-Security)
Develop web services - Transaction support (WS-Transaction)
Develop web services - Transports


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