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This page provides a starting point for finding information about naming support. Naming includes both server-side and client-side components. The server-side component is a Common ORB Architecture (CORBA) naming service (CosNaming). The client-side component is a JNDI service provider. JNDI is a core component in the Java EE programming model.

The WebSphere JNDI service provider can be used to interoperate with any CosNaming name server implementation. Yet WebSphere name servers implement an extension to CosNaming, and the JNDI service provider uses those WebSphere extensions to provide greater capability than CosNaming alone. Some added capabilities are binding and looking up of non-CORBA objects.

Java EE applications use the JNDI service provider supported by WAS to obtain references to objects related to server applications, such as enterprise bean (EJB) homes, which have been bound into a CosNaming name space.

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