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Tune Messaging resources

This page provides a starting point for finding information about the use of asynchronous messaging resources for enterprise applications with WAS.

WAS supports asynchronous messaging based on the JMS and the Java EE Connector Architecture (JCA) specifications, which provide a common way for Java programs (clients and Java EE applications) to create, send, receive, and read asynchronous requests, as messages.

JMS support enables applications to exchange messages asynchronously with other JMS clients by using JMS destinations (queues or topics). Some messaging providers also allow WAS applications to use JMS support to exchange messages asynchronously with non-JMS applications; for example, WAS applications often need to exchange messages with WebSphere MQ applications. Applications can explicitly poll for messages from JMS destinations, or they can use message-driven beans to automatically retrieve messages from JMS destinations without explicitly polling for messages.

WAS supports the following messaging providers:

End-to-end paths for Messaging resources
Migrate Messaging resources
Administer Messaging resources
Scripting for Messaging resources
Secure Messaging resources
Develop Messaging resources
Messaging resources
Troubleshoot Messaging resources


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