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Performance Monitoring Infrastructure settings

Use this page to specify settings for performance monitoring, including enabling performance monitoring, selecting the PMI module and setting monitoring levels.

To view this administrative console page...

Servers > Server Types > WebSphere application servers > server_name

> PMI.

Enable PMI

Whether the application server attempts to enable PMI. If an application server is started when the PMI is disabled, we have to restart the server in order to enable it.

Use sequential counter updates

Whether access to PMI counters (for example, updates to the counters) is sequential. There is some performance overhead associated with enabling sequential update. The default setting is false.

Persist my changes

Whether changes to the runtime are also persisted for use on subsequent server startups, and not just the current server runtime. The default setting is false.

Select the Persist my changes option ensures that the counter settings are retained after you restart the server.

Currently monitored statistic set

Specifies a pre-defined set of PMI statistics for all components in the server.

As part of fine-grained control feature, WAS provides new statistic sets, which are pre-defined, fixed server-side sets based on the PMI statistic usage scenarios. This enhancement allows a set of statistics to be enabled via a single action or call. The following statistic sets are defined:

None All statistics are disabled.
Basic Provides basic monitoring for application server resources and applications. This includes J2EE components, HTTP session information, CPU usage information, and the top 36 statistics. This is the default setting.
Extended Provides extended monitoring, including the basic level of monitoring plus workload monitor, performance advisor, and Tivoli resource models. Extended provides key statistics from frequently used WAS components.
All Enables all statistics.
Custom Provides fine-grained control with the ability to enable and disable individual statistics.
Monitor overall system health
Enable PMI


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