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Develop web applications

Learn about selecting tools for developing web applications. Design a web application and the required components.

There are two basic approaches to selecting tools for developing web applications:

The following steps support the second approach, development without an IDE.


  1. If necessary, migrate any pre-existing code to the required version of the servlet and JSP specification.
  2. Write and compile the components of the web application. To access classes that were extended, compile your code using the -classpath option on the javac compiler. This option allows you to reference the j2ee.jar file in the product directory:

    • <install_root>\dev\JavaEE

    To compile that same servlet on the Windows NT version of WebSphere Network Deployment, specify:

    javac -classpath D:\Program Files\WebSphere\DeploymentManager\dev\JavaEE\j2ee.jar

  3. Optionally disable JSP runtime compilation, if necessary.

What to do next

Assemble the application components in one or more web modules.


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