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Configure the service log

The settings for service logs are typically shared for all servers, but you can configure a separate service log for each server process by overriding the configuration values at the server level. The configuration values for the service log are inherited by each server process from the node configuration, but under certain circumstances you might wish to configure the service logs differently for individual servers. We can use the admin console to change the service log settings from the server level configuration panels.

With WAS v8 you can configure the server to use the HPEL log and trace infrastructure instead of using SystemOut.log , SystemErr.log, trace.log, and activity.log files or native z/OS logging facilities. If you are using HPEL, you can access all of your log and trace information using $PROFILE/bin/

For transitioning users: In WAS Version 7 and earlier, the service log is enabled by default. In WAS v8 and later, however, the service log is disabled by default. Configure your servers to use HPEL log and trace mode and use the HPEL API if be able to merge log file content from multiple servers. Use the HPEL log and trace mode and use the HPEL LogViewer command if be able to render log content in Common Base Event XML format.trns


  1. Start the admin console.

  2. Click Troubleshoot > Logs and Trace > server_name

    > IBM Service Logs.

  3. Select the Enable box to enable the service log, or clear the check box to disable the log.

  4. Set the name for the service log.

    The default name is $PROFILE_ROOT/logs/activity.log. If the name is changed, the run time requires write access to the new file, and the file must use the .log extension.

  5. Set the maximum file size.

    Number of megabytes to which the file can grow. When the file reaches this size, it wraps, replacing the oldest data with the newest data.

  6. Save the configuration.

  7. Restart the server to apply the configuration changes.


IBM service log settings
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