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Deploy and administering business-level applications

Deploy a business-level application consists of creating the business-level application on a v7.0 or later server.

A business-level application is an administration model that provides the entire definition of an application as it makes sense to the business. It is a WebSphere configuration artifact, similar to a server or cluster, stored in the product configuration repository. A business-level application can contain artifacts such as Java EE applications or modules, shared libraries, data files, and other business-level applications. You might use a business-level application to group related artifacts or to add capability to an existing application. For example, suppose to add capability provided in a JAR to a Java EE application already deployed on a product server. We can add that capability by creating a new business-level application and adding the JAR file and the deployed Java EE application to the business-level application. In some cases, you do not even need to change the deployed Java EE application configuration to add the capability.

Before creating a business-level application, develop the artifacts to go in the application and configure the target server or cluster. Before choosing a deployment target for the application, ensure that the target version is 7.0 or later.

When creating a business-level application, you can configure the application enough to enable it to run on the server. Later, you can configure the application and its contents further, start or stop the application, and otherwise manage its activity.

The topics in this section describe how to deploy and administer a business-level application or its contents using the admin console. We can also use programming or wsadmin scripting.


What to do next

After making changes to administrative configurations of the applications in the admin console, ensure that you save the changes.


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