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Log performance data with Tivoli Performance Viewer


Tivoli Performance Viewer can log real-time data for...

We can later replay this data.

TPV logging is not intended to be a full-time monitoring solution, but instead for selective data recording for subsequent replay and analysis.

Do not edit log files generated by TPV; doing so will irrecoverably corrupt or destroy the performance data stored in the log files.

We can create and view logs in the admin console.

In v8, the TPV graph uses Dojo Technology for plotting the performance activity rather than the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format. SVG is still supported but is deprecated in v8 of this product. To use the SVG format and image format, in the JVM, set...

If using SVG with Mozilla Firefox, performance degradation and memory leaks can occur. Use Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Log TPV data

To start logging TPV data:

  1. Configure TPV log settings

    Log settings that may affect performance and are described in View Data with the TPV.

  2. log TPV data...

      Monitor and Tuning | Performance Viewer | Current Activity | server_name

      | Settings | Log | Start Logging

  3. Logging stops when any of the following occur:

    • "Stop Logging" is clicked
    • Logging duration expires.
    • File size and number limits are reached.

By default, the log files are stored in...

TPV automatically compresses the log file when it finishes writing.

At this point, there must only be a single log file in each .zip file and it must have the same name as the .zip file.

View logs

  1. Download files from host to your local workstation, or enter server-level path

    For example, from...


  2. Click...

      Monitor and Tuning | Performance Viewer | View Logs | | View Log

    The log is displayed with log control buttons at the top of the view.

  3. Adjust the log view as needed.

    To view data replays...

      Performance Modules | module | View Module

    By default, the data replays at the Refresh Rate specified in the user settings. We can choose one of the Fast Forward modes to play data at rate faster than the refresh rate.

      Rewind Return to the beginning of the log file.
      Stop Stop the log at its current location.
      Play Begin playing the log from its current location.
      t Forward Load the next data point every three (3) seconds.
      Fast Forward 2 Load ten data points every three (3) seconds.

We can view multiple logs at a time. After a log has been loaded, return to the View Logs panel to see a list of available logs. At this point, you can load another log.

TPV automatically compresses the log file when finishes writing it. The log does not need to be decompressed before viewing it, though TPV can view logs that have been decompressed.


View Data Recorded by TPV
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Monitor performance with TPV


View Data with the TPV


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