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Modify the failover capability of a messaging engine

We can modify the failover capability of a messaging engine at run time. However, do not do this unless it is absolutely necessary. To modify the failover capability of messaging engines, you change the policy that applies to the corresponding high availability group. The servers in the cluster receive the configuration update and the changes take effect as soon as you save them. For example, if there is a "One of N" policy that has no preferred servers, and you change it to add a preferred server and enable fail back, when you click Save, the HAManager ensures that the messaging engine is running on the new preferred server; if the messaging engine is running on a different server, the HAManager moves it to the preferred server.


  1. To change the policy so that the messaging engine runs on a different server, or to add new servers, ensure that the servers can access the messaging engine data store or file store.
  2. Follow the steps in Select the policy for a high availability group to modify the policy.

What to do next

See also High availability manager.


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