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setupCmdLineXJB.bat, launchClientXJB.bat and other ActiveX batch files

This topic provides reference information about the aids that client applications and client services can use to access the ActiveX to EJB bridge. These enable the ActiveX to EJB bridge to find its XJB.JAR file and the Java run-time environment.


The include file is located in the was_client_home\aspIncludes directory. You can include the file into your Active Server Pages (ASP) application with the following syntax in your ASP page:

<--  #include virtual ="/WSASPIncludes/" --> 

This syntax assumes that we have created a virtual directory in Internet Information Server called WSASPIncludes that points to the was_client_home\aspIncludes directory.

Usage notes

The following batch files are provided for client applications to use the ActiveX to EJB bridge:

Start an ActiveX application and configuring service programs
Start an ActiveX application and configuring non-service programs
Run an ActiveX client application


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