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Performance Monitoring Infrastructure client (WebSphere v4.0)

A Performance Monitoring Infrastructure (PMI) client is an application that receives PMI data from servers and processes this data.

In WAS v4.0, PmiClient API takes PerfDescriptor(s) and returns PMI data as a CpdCollection object. Each CpdCollection could contain a list of CpdData, which has a CpdValue of the following types:

Version 4.0 PmiClient APIs are supported in this version, however, there are some changes. The data hierarchy is changed in some PMI modules, notably the enterprise bean module and HTTP sessions module. If we have an existing PmiClient application, and to run it against WAS Version 5.0 or above, you might have to update the PerfDescriptor(s) based on the new PMI data hierarchy. Also, the getDataName and getDataId methods in PmiClient are changed to be non-static methods in order to support multiple WAS versions. You might have to update your existing application which uses these two methods.
Use PMI client to develop your monitoring application (deprecated)


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