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View and configure state data specs for a Diagnostic Provider

Use the admin console to navigate to the state data that can be used to check the health of a server runtime component, or you can configure the state data to be collected for a server.

In the server selection topology section, use the view state data radio button to go to the list of registered diagnostic providers. Use the change state data collection specification radio button to modify the state collection specification for the runtime components for a server. Runtime components that have associated diagnostic providers can include their Diagnostic Provider ID (DPID) in their log entries. If you know the DPID, you can enter it directly in the quick link text box.

To look at state data, from the console...

To change the configuration...

Either directly enter a DPID in the text box...

...or select a cluster/node/server from the available processes displayed at the bottom of the panel.


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State data
Detailed state specification
Change state specification
Modify the State Collection Specification from wsadmin scripts
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