genVersionReport command

The genVersionReport command uses the versionInfo command to generate the versionReport.html report file in the current working directory, which is usually the bin directory. The report includes a list of changed components and installed or uninstalled maintenance packages.


Product version information

The versionInfo tool displays important data about WAS and its installed components, such as the build version and build date. History information for installation and removal of maintenance packages also displays in the report. This tool is particularly useful when working with support personnel to determine the cause of any problem.

Product version reports

The following report generation scripts extract data from XML data files in the properties/version folder:

Location of the command file

[AIX] [HP-UX] [Linux] [Solaris]


(Windows) APP_ROOT\bin\genVersionReport.bat

Syntax for the genVersionReport command

The command syntax is:
[AIX] [HP-UX] [Linux] [Solaris] 



Issue the command from the bin directory of the APP_ROOT directory.

Report description

The versionInfo command reports the following information:


Installation information

Display the following general information about the current installation:


Installation platform information

Displays information from the platform.websphere file:


Product list information

Displays a list of installed WebSphere products:


Installed product information

This information and the other information topic descriptions are hierarchal for each installed product, component, component update, installed maintenance package, included APARs, and component updates.

This section of the report displays the following information:


Installed component information

Display the following component-level information of the installed component from the .component file in the APP_ROOT/properties/version directory:

Installed component update information

Display the general maintenance package information:

Installed maintenance package information

Display the general maintenance package information:

Included APARs information

Display the list of APARs fixed by this maintenance package.

Component updates information

Display the following information about each component that is updated by the installed maintenance package:

Sample genVersionReport report

When the WAS ND product has no interim fixes or fix packs applied, the genVersionReport script creates the following information in the versionReport.html report file. The report is edited to show only the first few components.

On a Windows system, the report might resemble the following example:

   Report at date and time April 16, 2008 10:35:55 AM EDT

   Product Directory   C:\WAS70_ND Version Directory   C:\WAS70_ND\properties\version DTD Directory   C:\WAS70_ND\properties\version\dtd Log Directory   C:\WAS70_ND\logs Backup Directory   C:\WAS70_ND\properties\version\nif\backup TMP Directory   C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp

  Product List
   ND   installed

  Installed Product
   Name   IBM WAS - ND Version ID   ND Build Level   kk0814.34 Build Date   4/9/08

  Installed Component
   Component Name   legal Spec V  6.1 Build V  WASX.IWAS [kk0814.34] Build Date   4/9/08

  Installed Component
   Component Name   wsfp.features Spec V  6.0 Build V  kk0813.58 Build Date   4/3/08

  Installed Component
   Component Name   admin.core.bundle Spec V  7.0 Build V  kk0814.34 Build Date   4/9/08

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