Java EE resource provider or connection factory custom properties collection

Use this panel to view the custom properties of a Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) resource provider or connection factory.

Configure custom property collections for numerous resource types. According to the resource type with which a collection is associated, the ability to add, delete, and modify individual properties and settings varies. Begin the configuration process by clicking on the Required field to sort those column values in descending order. All of the required (true) values are then sorted at the beginning of the page. Be sure to set all required properties.

Deprecated feature:

The following list displays three custom properties that are deprecated in WAS V6.10. WAS ND v7.0 now offers these properties as pre-configured options, which are the replacement properties in the following list. To avoid runtime error messages, permanently disable the original custom properties by deleting them from the table on this admin console page.

  • validateNewConnection -- replaced by Pretest new connection

  • validateNewConnectionRetryCount -- replaced by Number of retries

  • validateNewConnectionRetryInterval -- replaced by Retry interval

To set the replacement properties, click Data sources > data_source > WAS data source properties in the admin console.depfeat



Property name.

You must verify the resource provider has the setting for this name.

Data type




Property value.

Data type

Variable; see Custom property settings for more information.



Specifies text to describe any bounds or well-defined values for this property.

Data type




Specifies whether this property is required for the resource provider.

Data type

Boolean or Check box