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Set options settings

To specify options for the composition unit to be added to the business-level application. WAS ND v7.0 supplies default values for the options if we do not specify a value.

To view this admin console page, click Applications > Application Types > Business-level applications > application_name. On the business-level application settings page, specify the type of composition unit to add:

Backing identifier

Unique identifier for a composition unit that is registered in the application management domain.

The identifier has the format: WebSphere:unit_typename=unit_name,unit_typeversion=version_number. For example, for the MyApp.jar asset, the backing identifier might be WebSphere:assetname=MyApp.jar.

Data type String
Units Composition unit identifier


Name of the composition unit.

For example, for the MyApp.jar asset, the name might be MyApp.jar.

A unit name cannot begin with a period (.), cannot contain leading or trailing spaces, and cannot contain any of the following characters:

Table 1. Characters that we cannot use in a name

Unsupported characters
⁄  forward slash $   dollar sign '  single quote mark
\  backslash =   equal sign " double quote mark
* asterisk % percent sign |   vertical bar
,  comma +   plus sign <  left angle bracket
:  colon @ at sign >  right angle bracket
;  semi-colon #   hash mark & ampersand (and sign)
? question mark ]]> No specific name exists for this character combination

Data type String


Description for the composition unit.

Starting weight

Order in which composition units are started when the server starts. The starting weight is like the startup order. The composition unit with the lowest starting weight is started first.

The value set for Starting weight determines the importance or weight of a composition unit within the business-level application. For example, for the most important composition unit within a business-level application, specify 1 for Starting weight. For the next most important composition unit within the business-level application, specify 2 for Starting weight, and so on.

Data type Integer
Default 1
Range 0 to 2147483647

Start composition unit upon distribution

Whether to start the composition unit after WAS ND distributes the composition unit to other locations.

The default is not to start the composition unit.

Data type Boolean
Default false

Restart behavior on update

Whether WAS restarts deployment targets after updates to the composition unit.

Usually, a composition unit is mapped to one or more deployment targets. This setting determines whether WAS restarts those targets after editing the composition unit.

Option Description
ALL WAS ND v7.0 restarts each target node of the composition unit after editing the composition unit.
DEFAULT WAS ND v7.0 restarts the nodes controlled by the sync plug-ins after editing the composition unit.
NONE WAS ND v7.0 does not restart nodes after editing the composition unit.

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