Java 2 Connector authentication data entry settings

Use this panel as a central place for administrators to define authentication data, which includes user identities and passwords. These values can reference authentication data entries by resource adapters, data sources, and other configurations that require authentication data using an alias.

We can display this page directly from the Java™ Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) configuration page or from other pages for resources that use J2EE Connector (J2C) authentication data entries. To view this admin page...

  1. Click...

      Security | Global security

  2. Under Authentication, click Java Authentication and Authorization Service > J2C authentication data.

Delete authentication data entries: Be careful when deleting authentication data entries. If the deleted authentication data is used by other configurations, the initializing resources process fails.

Define a new authentication data entry by clicking New.

Prefix new alias names with the node name of the cell

Select checkbox specifies the system to automatically prefix each new alias created with the node name of the cell. Clear the checkbox if we do not have any scripts in the earlier releases that expect the node name in the alias.


Name of the authentication data entry.

Data type: String
Units: String
Default: None

User ID

User identity.

Data type: String

that is associated with the user identity.

This field is not available on the collections panel. However, the panel is available when creating a new J2C authentication data entry.

Data type: String


Specifies an optional description of the authentication data entry. For example, this authentication data entry is used to connect to DB2.

Data type: String


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