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Initializing IBM 4758 and IBM e-business Cryptographic Accelerator on AIX systems

To initialize IBM cryptographic hardware (IBM 4758 and IBM e-business Cryptographic Accelerator), obtain and install the most recent PKCS11 module.

  1. To initialize the IBM cryptographic hardware (IBM 4758 and IBM e-business Cryptographic Accelerator) on AIX, obtain and install the bos.pkcs11 software. Obtain the most recent bos.pkcs11 package from http://www.ibm.com/servers/eserver/support/pseries/aixfixes.html. Select your AIX version under Specific fixes. The bos.pkcs11 package installs the PKCS11 module needed for the SSLPKCSDriver directive discussed below. You also need the devices.pci.1410e601 device for the IBM e-business Cryptographic Accelerator and the devices.pci.14109f00 and devices.pci.14109f00 for the IBM 4758.

  2. Initialize your token. After you install the PKCS11 software, initialize your device. You can access the Manage the PKCS11 subsystem panel from Smitty to initialize your PKCS11 device.

    1. Select Initialize your token.

    2. Set a security officer and User PIN, if not already set.

    3. Initialize your user PIN. See Chapter 5: Token Initialization from the PKCS11 manual for more detailed information.