About Apache Derby

Use Apache Derby as a test and development database only. Apache Derby must run at a minimal version of v10.3 or Cloudscapev10.1x. The Apache Derby package that is bundled with the appserver is backed by full IBM Quality Assurance (QA).

Unlike versions 5.1.60x and earlier, Apache Derby is a pure Java database server. The Apache Derby code base, which the open source community calls Derby, is a product of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) open source relational database project. Apache Derby includes the Derby base code without any modification to the underlying source code. We can investigate more incompatibilities about Derby code at the Apache Derby web site.

Supported configurations: Earlier versions of Apache Derby cannot conduct two phase-commit transactions over the Network Server framework, but later versions of the Derby Client JDBC driver provides Apache Derby with support for XA transactions. Only the Network Server framework provides support for multiple Java virtual machines (JVMs), such as appservers, to access Apache Derby.

Apache Derby is equipped with the following .bat/sh tools:

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