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Install WebSphere XD



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  1. Prepare the WAS ND V6.1 environment

  2. Read the WebSphere XD readme file.

  3. Install the latest WAS fix pack.

  4. Exit the WAS ND directory.

    Installation errors can occur if you inadvertently leave a command line or browser instance open in...


  5. Stop all Java processes...

    • ./stopManager.sh
    • ./stopNode.sh

  6. Start the installation...


  7. Specify the installation location

  8. Click Next

  9. Select the existing profiles for your installation to augment.

    Augment the deployment manager and custom profiles.

    You can also augment a profile later by using the Profile Management tool.

  10. Click Next

  11. To add WebSphere XD to the centralized installation manager repository, click the check box.

    Alternatively, you can add the component to the repository later by using the centralized installation manager repository tool.

  12. Click Next

    Click Browse to specify the location of the repository.

  13. Click Next

  14. Click Next to accept the installation summary, or click Back to change your selections.

  15. Review the confirmation panel.

  16. Click Finish to exit the wizard or to review the log files if the installation fails.

  17. Repeat this process to install WebSphere XD on each node in the cell.

    Tip: Use the same CD to install WebSphere XD on the nodes.

  18. Configure each node to meet your objectives, which you can do either from the administrative console, or by using the wsadmin tool.

    From the admin console click...

    Servers | All servers

    ...to configure each node from the administrative console.



The installation wizard installs WebSphere XD files into the installation root directory.


What to do next

After you install WebSphere XD, create a new profile or augment an existing profile by using the Profile Management tool.


Use the centralized installation manager repository tool to add products


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