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Use this page to configure the Web container settings.

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Default virtual host

Specifies a virtual host that enables a single host machine to resemble multiple host machines. Resources associated with one virtual host cannot share data with resources associated with another virtual host, even if the virtual hosts share the same physical machine.

Select a virtual host option:


The product provides a default virtual host with some common aliases, such as the machine IP address, short host name, and fully qualified host name. The alias comprises the first part of the path for accessing a resource such as a servlet. For example, it is www.setgetweb.com:9080 in the request...



This is another name for the application server; also known as server1 in the base installation. This process supports the use of the administrative console.

Enable servlet caching

Specifies that if a servlet is invoked once and it generates output to be cached, a cache entry is created containing not only the output, but also side effects of the invocation. These side effects can include calls to other servlets or JSP files, as well as metadata about the entry, including timeout and entry priority information.


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