strmqcsv (start command server)




Use the strmqcsv command to start the command server for the specified queue manager. This enables WebSphere MQ to process commands sent to the command queue.

If the queue manager attribute, SCMDSERV, is specified as QMGR then changing the state of the command server using strmqcsv does not effect how the queue manager acts upon the SCMDSERV attribute at the next restart.



>>-strmqcsv--+-----+--+----------+-----------------------------><     '- -a-' '-QMgrName-'   


Required parameters



Optional parameters


Blocks the following PCF commands from modifying or displaying authority information:

  • Inquire authority records (MQCMD_INQUIRE_AUTH_RECS)

  • Inquire entity authority (MQCMD_INQUIRE_ENTITY_AUTH)

  • Set authority record (MQCMD_SET_AUTH_REC).

  • Delete authority record (MQCMD_DELETE_AUTH_REC).


The name of the queue manager on which to start the command server. If omitted, the default queue manager is used.


Return codes

0 Command completed normally
10 Command completed with unexpected results
20 An error occurred during processing



The following command starts a command server for queue manager earth:

strmqcsv earth


Related commands

endmqcsv End a command server
dspmqcsv Display the status of a command server


Parent topic:

The control commands